It's amazing what people can learn from the beautiful platform that is Twitter, and Watch Dogs fans may have something new to look forward to coming soon.

This past Monday the official Watch Dogs Twitter account sent this message to its followers:

An astute fan then asked an important question... which the Watch Dogs account was quick to respond:

Yes, it seems that the next chapter of Watch Dogs downloadable content is coming to the East Coast, dropping right into the city with the highest crime rate in the country. The Philadelphia pride in some of the staff here can't decide if we're proud to have the town across the river in the game or embarrassed by the reasonit's in the game (even if it isn't 100 percent accurate).

Still, the fact that there is more Watch Dogs coming is a good sign no matter where it's set. We don't know if Aiden Pearce will be the focal point this time around or if we'll get to meet a brand new DedSec hacker, nor do we know what exactly is going on in Camden to attract hacker attention, but we're sure we'll find out soon enough.