According to IGN, Sound Shapes, the weird indie music platformer art project that has taken the gaming world by storm, is finally going to receive some new downloadable content. The first batch of DLC came out this past December and we haven’t heard any news come out of the game’s development team since then.

In fact we won’t be receiving just one new piece of DLC for Sound Shapes but several. The first announcement was for the Car Mini-Album and Creator Pack. This pack will cost $1.99 and will include a new vehicle and new campaign levels to pilot that vehicle through as well. It will also include a whole new Sound Pack, “brand new editor entities, beat school lessons, and trophies too.”

That’s all the content you’ll actually be paying for in the near future. Everything else will be coming to you completely free. For example, Sony will be introducing the Community Milkcrate, a new way for Sony and Queasy Games to find the best user generated stages and bundle them together in packs to then be offered to the Sound Shapes community. This will be done across six albums and will feature 35 of the best stages that Sound Shapes has to offer.

The game will also be receiving a number of updates to its system in the upcoming patch as well. For example, you can now connect to the Sound Shape servers, select a community level, and then pay it in offline mode without a connection. This is a great bonus to anyone who doesn’t have the 3G model of the PS Vita.

Both the Sound Shapes DLC packs and free updates will be available later today, Tuesday, March 12th.