Rockstar has let us in on what it takes to craft the beats and rifts needed to help bring Los Santos to life in Grand Theft Auto Online.

A behind the scenes look at the creative process of Grand Theft Auto Online's music has just appeared on Rockstar Newswire. Electronic Musician, one of the top magazines about modern music production, recently an in-depth look featuring the making of the soundtrack of Grand Theft Auto 5. Electronic Musician had interviews with Rockstar's music team along with music composers/producers Oh No, Alchemist and Woody Jackson. Some of the artists who recorded original songs specifically for GTA 5, such as Chain Gaing of 1974 and Flying Lotus, were also interviewed.

"Oh No and I were trying to wrap our heads around how this is going to work," said the Alchemist. "Each time you play the game, things are going to happen differently. It wasn’t so much about the automation of it, but about creating stems that were interesting… It was different from making your own album because as an artist, being stubborn, it’s got to go one way or you can’t deal with it. It was good to have a task. You just have to deal with it. In the end, it was a trust thing.” Rap fans should recognize Alchemist's name from producing albums with the likes of Eminem and Mobb Deep.

The composers explain that the game's score would kick in whenever a mission started, but changing radio stations or certain actions (such as exiting a vehicle or gunshots) would cause the score to change.
Rockstar explained that since GTA Online is an ongoing, growing experience, it is planning to add to GTA Online's original score. Survival, Custom and Deathmatch matches will all have exclusive, instrumental themes added in soon made by the likes of Alchemist, Woody Jackson and many more. Now if we could just get them to reveal when online Heists were coming.