Two new New Nintendo 3DSs will be hitting Japan alongside the release of Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, and they're going to be a lot more comfy thanks to the suede-lined exteriors. You may even be able to rest your weary head on one during a long travel session.

The two devices, red above and blue below, are currently available for pre-order in Japan's Pokemon Center store, each one costing 19,000 yen or roughly $177 American. Both feature the Primal version of the corresponding legendary Pokemon, Groudon for the red one and Kyogre for the blue, on the front and the normal version of the legendary on the back.

While they do launch alongside the new games, these devices will not come with a copy of the corresponding game bundled with it, so make sure to buy the game too. We're not sure why Nintendo would launch a game-themed 3DS without bundling the game in it too... oh wait, yes we would.

While we're thinking about it, the name of the newest iteration of the 3DS needs to the change. Would you even know that these devices are the New Nintendo 3DS and not the current version if we didn't write this here? No, because New Nintendo 3DS is confusing. We love "Super Nintendo 3DS," guys. That is a name that should stick.


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