This in-depth look into the new features, enchancements and game modes being added into MLB 14 The Show has ready to play ball.

Quick Counts, Player Locks and Manage Mode are just some of the amazing additions sliding into the next-gen version of MLB 14 The Show. Quick Counts is a game mode that uses advanced mathematical formulas and algorithms to speed up an inning, mainly in the form of dropping each player into a mid-to-late pitch-count instead of beginning 0-0 at bat, especially when it comes to AI-controlled characters.

Player Lock will have you playing through entire games that focus on your favorite, targeted player on the team. This drastically speeds up game lengths and allows the game AI to calculate how its computer-controlled players would play on both sides based on their stats and will keep things moving at a fast rate as your focused player is on the bench. This is great for gamers on the go who don't have the time for a full nine innings, especially during season mode.

Manage Mode allows player to device tactics and make the big decisions throughout each game. You decide who gets walked, when to call in relievers and all the other major choices a manager would have to throughout each game. This puts a complete new twist on the gameplay, keeps you strategy-oriented and makes you appreciate the anxiety that gets put on a team's manager.

MLB 14 The Show has already started swinging at bat on PlayStation 3 and PS Vita. The advanced PlayStation 4 version of MLB 14 The Show is warming up and is stepping up to the plate on May 6.