A new add-on for Forza Horizon will be available on April 2nd, which adds six new cars hand-picked by the Top Gear team.

Due to arrive on the Xbox 360 on Tuesday for $5 (400MSP), the Top Gear pack allows you to get behind the wheels of stylish rare cars like the 1998 Mercedes Benz AMD, Mercedes CLK GTR and 2002 BMW M3-GTR. The 2011 Ford Transit SuperSportVan is also included for you custom paint aficionados.

Turn 10 has released a trailer and some screens of all the vehicles included to get you hyped up. Every single detail has been meticulously recreated in Forza Horizon to provide the most authentic experience possible, which is great for most of the cars players will never get to see in person.

You can check out the video and screenshots below, and let us know which car you can't wait to take out on the highway in Forza Horizon.