A recent survey of over 400 game developers throughout Europe has found that the PlayStation 4 is the most widely popular gaming console for studios to work on.

CVG reports that a survey, called the "GDC Europe 2014 European State of the Industry Survey," found that roughly 20 percent of over 400 developers are currently working on PS4 titles with only 13 percent developing Xbox One titles. Also, 33 percent of the survey takers said the next title they plan to work on will be on PS4 while only 23 percent think they will be working on Xbox One titles in the near future, but it looks like PC titles are in a clear lead.

The survey found that 58 percent of all survey takers said that they were working on PC titles, with over 60 percent of them saying their next project is for PC as well. 65 percent of all the survey takers are currently working on mobile titles, with many of them developing mobile titles as a side project. Roughly 40 percent of the developers have considered using Kickstarter or other crowdfunding sites to help back one of their projects in the future. Lastly, Sweden, which houses DICE, Vlambeer and Mojang, was voted to be the center of gaming development in Europe. It is expected that UK and Germany will surpass Sweden in the next five years in terms of being home to the highest number of major development studios in Europe.

We do suggest to take these statistics with a grain of salt considering how many of these titles are likely to have a multi-console release.