In case you needed to be reminded of your high school days, Nintendo has a new ultra exclusive European-only 3DS coming out.

Most people can remember being made to feel inadequate at least once during their high school career and now Nintendo is bringing up all those old feelings again. Eurogamer reports that there will soon be a new Nintendo 3DS on the market, but instead of it being out for everybody, it will only be out for a select few people. "The New Nintendo 3DS Ambassador offer is by email invitation only for selected Club Nintendo members in Europe only who fulfil [sic] a certain criteria," a company spokesperson stated.

The Ambassador Edition will feature an exclusive front cover plate and come out before the handheld's European launch. To specify -- the official launch will be for the *New* Nintendo 3DS making the Ambassador Edition the first version of the handheld being sold in Europe. They will be priced at £179.99 while the normal Nintendo 3DS will be priced at £155.99. The cover plates that Nintendo will be offering for the new 3DS will cost £7.67. To compare, the original 3DS was sold for £219 and now, after price cuts, is selling for £89.

If you think that you have what it takes to receive the illusive email, I would check it as often as you can because it seems as though these Ambassador Edition 3DS will be in limited supply. There's no word yet if a similar deal will be offered to U.S. customers whenever the New Nintendo 3DS arrives here.