There's absolutely no way you can get these new rewards delivered in time for even the new year, but at least Club Nintendo is offering some fresh merch for you!

A few new rewards have been added to the Club Nintendo catalog. You can now use your hard-earned coins to purchase the Pikmin/Super Mario Bros-themed Nintendo 3DS Game Card Case and the NES Remix 2 T-Shirt.

The 3DS Game Card Case is similar to the Legend of Zelda card case and will also cost 400 coins. You can use the case to hold up to 18 of your favorite 3DS or DS game cards. It also comes with three double-sided card covers, so you'll be able to change its look on the fly and according to your mood.

The NES Remix 2 T-Shirt comes in two sizes (Large and Extra-Large), and features Samus Aran using her blaster to bust through some Mushroom Kingdom blocks to collect coins. The right sleeve features the game's logo, so everyone will know how deep your Nintendo love goes. This shirt will cost you 580 coins.

Order these suckers quick before they run out of stock. You probably won't get them until about a month or so later due to the holidays, but it's best to lock in your order now!