To win a war, you've got to become an 8-bit NECA action figure, right Rambo?

NECA has Tweeted a picture of its newest Rambo figure. While NECA has already done a few figures from 'First Blood' in the past, this particular version of John Rambo is special because it is based on the character's depiction in the self titled 1987 Nintendo Entertainment System game made by Acclaim. Don't forget NECA did a special 8-bit figure a while back based on the 1989 NES Batman title. The 1987 Rambo game was based off of 'Rambo: First Blood Part II,' and it had balls-to-the-wall action for an NES game. The limited color ranges of the NES forced Acclaim to change the colors of Rambo's boots and pants so that he wouldn't blend into the dark, jungle background (he wore black pants and black boots in the movie). Rambo comes with a rocket launcher as well as his iconic compound bow with explosive-tip arrow.

While no release date has been set, we hope this figure will be out soon in time for NYCC 2014.