Famed toy maker NECA has been hard at work on some new Diablo 3 merchandise, and these first images of the upcoming line should get Blizzard fans excited.

Slated to arrive in March 2014, NECA's two big Diablo 3 treats are planned to tie into the expansion, Reaper of Souls. First, the Diablo, Lord of Terror figure will bring the titular villain to life in action figure form. A collaboration between NECA's Alex Heinke and Blizzard's Brian Fay, Diablo will boast 25 points of articulation throughout her 9-inch tall body. That's not even including the 12-inch tail, made for whip crackin' action. Diablo is expected to retail for around $25.

Not to leave weapon lovers to wallow in sadness over the lack of a loot drop, NECA is also bringing the fabled Sword of Justice, El'Druin to retail as well. Nearly 3.5 feet in length, El'Druin has been replicated with painstaking detail directly from the digital files from Diablo 3. Additionally, the hilt lights up (batteries included) to simulate the protective powers the sword imbues its wielder. Expect El'Druin to run you about $60 when it arrives in the spring.