Among the new presentation improvements coming to NCAA Football 14 will be the "All 22" camera option, which will finally allow players to see every player on every inch of the field.

Fans have been clamoring for a wider camera angle in EA's football video games for years, but even with the rapid adoption of HD TV's over the past few years, we've all be stuck with the same isometric view for more than a decade. Last year, the NFL finally allowed the release of the once-exclusive "All 22" footage from real games to be released to the public. With this camera angle, coaches can see where every player is during each snap of the game in one picture. Now, EA will also be bringing "All 22" to its football games, starting with NCAA Football 14.

The wider angle is viewed from much higher up than the standard camera, which will still be available, but gives players a much better chance to read coverages and understand how to attack defenses better, or where the holes that need plugging are on defense. No word on this feature coming to Madden NFL 25 just yet, but one would hope that it will.

Additionally, NCAA 14 will be bringing new audio and uniform improvements to the fold as well. Real crowd chants were already part of the action, but EA is taking things one step further with better third down interactions, including new musical cues and crazed fan reactions to the game situation. As to the uniforms, EA is hoping to provide more up-to-date uniforms as they debut during the course of the season. It's a good idea in theory, and one that 2K had previously used its NBA franchise, but time will tell if EA is able to execute something on this scale for 130+ teams in the NCAA.

What do you think of the new additions?