If EA Sports is ever going to get back into the basketball game scene, the new NBA Live must be a top-notch product so it can compete with the juggernaut NBA 2K franchise. Someone over at EA must have realized this, because NBA Live 15 has been delayed.

In an open letter on the NBA Live website, executive producer Sean O'Brien explains the reasons behind the delay to fans, citing that the game needs more polish before it can hit stores. He starts the letter by talking about all of the great strides Live has taken even since last year, with the game's recent Visuals trailer and Gamescom presence, but he quickly shifts into how more work needs to be done.

"Considering all the work that’s gone in so far, we will be taking a few extra weeks to polish the game and make sure you get an incredible NBA experience from the moment you first boot up the title," O'Haire says in his letter. "This extra development time means we will be moving our launch date to October 28 to line up to opening night of the 2014-15 NBA season. This was a hard decision, but it’s the right one, as we are totally committed to delivering the highest-quality game we possibly can."

While any delay is frustrating, lining up the game's release with opening night in the NBA might not be such a bad idea. It gives NBA fans time to digest NBA 2K15 before jumping into Live and making a decision. We hope it works out for NBA Live, because solid competition means better overall product and the fans win.

NBA Live 15 is now slated to launch on Oct. 28, 2014 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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