This new trailer for NBA Live 15 focuses on visuals, making its gameplay look so good that we weren't sure whether or not we were watching a pre-rendered cinematic.

EA Sports has unveiled the lastest trailer for NBA Live 15, which focuses on the game's new visual features, including varying body types, updated footwear, accurate likenesses and players' individual fashion accessories. We get to check out Damian Lillard, NBA Live 15's cover athlete in action during this trailer as well. EA boasts that the entire trailer was made using in-game footage with no pre-rendered cutscenes.

NBA Live 15 offers visuals that are as close to photo-realistic as they can possibly get. Given that the game is coming out exclusively for current-gen consoles and is avoiding the legacy/current-gen multi-release we keep seeing popular titles, we get to see the graphics of NBA Live 15 cranked to the max without the worry of having to "dumb them down" for the capabilities of the Xbox 360 and PS3. After watching this trailer, we hope more popular games follow in NBA Live 15's footsteps in terms of avoiding a legacy/current-gen release just for the sake of selling more copies. EA is putting quality at the forefront of this one.

Be ready to ball when NBA Live 15 launches on Oct. 7 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.