EA Sports has released a new video for NBA Live 15 that focuses on all the improvements going into its offensive gameplay.

This new video for NBA Live 15 highlights the changes going into the game's shooting, passing, dribbling and crossovers. As long as you're pushing on your opponent's side of the court, EA Sports has a bunch of new mechanics in the game so you can properly ball. A lot of naysayers of last year's game will be happy to hear about the changes going into Live 15. These changes might not be as drastic as changing over to AND1 or NBA Jam's over the top-style of offense, but they're definitely significant. Whether you're on a fast-break, running a play or dunking, we can't wait to see how the game has changed.

NBA Live 15 is set to hit the court on Oct. 28 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Live's big rival, NBA 2K15, is set to debut on Oct. 7 for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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