Via its Twitter page, the NBA 2K15 team has announced a release date for NBA 2K15, as well as a trailer that puts us all in the shoes of the league MVP and cover athlete, Kevin Durant.

NBA 2K15 will be released for PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4 on October 7. As reported earlier, NBA Live 15 will launch the same day, setting up what could be a very one-sided battle for virtual hoops supremacy.

This information is accompanied by a trailer that’s, frankly, very disappointing. While Kevin Durant is shown giving his MVP press conference, the trailer shows us a variety of created players running the court, falling, and getting back up. It all looks fine, and does a decent job of hyping up the release, but a caption at the bottom of the screen informs us that we’re looking at gameplay footage from last year’s offering, NBA 2K14. A gameplay trailer with gameplay from a previous game isn’t really a gameplay trailer at all. It’s barely a teaser.

The end of the video informs us of a pre-order bonus pack, including $5,000 in in-game currency, a Kevin Durant throwback MyTeam card, two MyTeam card packs and MyPlayer leg sleeves inspired by Kevin Durant.

NBA 2K14 was an amazing basketball game, and we’re eagerly awaiting some gameplay footage from NBA 2K15. Perhaps the game isn’t yet at a point where it’s ready to be shown to the public. Like Kevin Durant says in the video, “We’re all a work in progress.”