Could gaming's favorite anthropomorphic bandicoot return to take on Doctor Neo Cortex? Naughty Dog hints that its quite possible.

In an interview with IGN, Naughty Dog community strategist Arne Meyer mentions that Crash Bandicoot could possibly return from Wumpa Islands to save the world one more time. For those who don't remember, Crash Bandicoot was the heavily Tasmanian Devil-influenced character who was a figurehead for Naughty Dog during the late '90s and was one of the last anthropomorphic animal mascots of gaming who didn't use a gun to take out his enemies. Crash was also took the spotlight for being one of the first franchises exclusive to Sony consoles, starting with its original trilogy. The first game launched in 1996 exclusively for PS1.

"It’s never off the table," Meyer said in terms of a new Crash game. "It’s not too much time passing, but it’s the same issues we explored with the Jak game. Is it something that makes sense to us now. I mean we still have people that worked on the Crash games in the studio. We never forget our past and it’d be great for nostalgic reasons. It’d be the same reason as why there isn’t a Jak 4: I don’t know if it’s playing to our strengths right now."

Some major work would need to be done in order to bring the story of the Crash Bandicoot series to the standards of Naughty Dog's more recent titles. The old "use jump and spin attacks to stop an evil scientist hellbent on world domination" trope got as much mileage out of it than it ever could.

"Right now, what’s exciting everyone at the studio is continuing to work on narrative-driven games with strong characters."

Unless it was an HD remake trying to gain money from nostalgia alone, there would need to be massive changes to both the fundamental gameplay and lore of Crash Bandicoot in order to bring him to the modern era.