A murder suspect was caught by inadvertently logging into the victim's PSN account when he turned on the stolen console at his mother's residence.

Trib Live reports (via Kotaku) that 30-year-old Hubert Wingate of the Homewood area of Pittsburgh is being charged with homicide, cruelty to animals, theft and abuse of a corpse. He was arrested two days ago after murder of his "friend," 34-year-old Andre Gray of Pittsburgh's Lawrenceville borough. Gray's body was found hundreds of miles away in the Ohio River in a rural part of West Virginia. Wingate was caught after ransacking the victim's apartment and inadvertently signing into Gray's PlayStation Network account when he activated the console at his mother's house, where he was residing. Gray had been reporting missing since Oct. 25, 2014 after relatives found his apartment robbed, blood on his sheets, a bleached pool of blood and Gray's vehicle and dog both missing. The dog's corpse was found along with the vehicle in Spring Hill, PA.

Wingate admitted that he was seen with Gray as they were apartment hunting together just three days prior to his disappearance. He also admitted that he was indeed playing Gray's PlayStation console. There were no motives for the crime revealed in court documents.

This is the part where the story gets bizarre:

Detectives found witnesses who told police Wingate had admitted killing someone and that they helped him dispose of the body by dumping it into the Allegheny River in the Arnold area.

One witness admitted stabbing Gray's dog at Wingate's request. The witness said they mixed the dog's blood with Gray's in an attempt to keep police from finding DNA evidence in the apartment.

A body drifting from the Allegheny River in PA to the Ohio River in WV (roughly a 12 hour drive) is one thing, but that dog's blood thing is a new one on us. How are these witnesses not being charged? Nevertheless, this is a sad story that took one heck a bizarre turn. We're just glad that the primary suspect was caught and will be facing a trial soon.

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