Mousecraft is not a feline-themed expansion to Minecraft or any kind of Blizzard title; it's an innovative puzzle game revolving around Schrodinger, a crazy cat scientist.

On the PlayStation Blog, Rob Clarke, the PR and marketing manager of Curve Studios, has gone into details about Mousecraft, an upcoming puzzle game combining both Lemmings and Tetris-like gameplay into a unique and animated experience. Mousecraft lets you in on the experiments of the deranged Dr. Schrodinger as he experiments with his lab rats. You must guide a group of mice from one end of a level to another and help them reach the cheese at the end of each level. Every time a mouse reaches a piece of cheese, Schrodinger's gigantic machine has another sequence activated. In order to do so, you must stack the various types of Tetrominoes in their path to help each rat make it through Schrodinger's mechanized maze.

Be ready to partake in a scientific adventure with Dr. Schrodinger when Mousecraft releases on July 7 for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 and July 8 for PS Vita. Regardless of which game type you buy, Mousecraft will offer cross-buy capabilities between all three consoles.