The latest potential combatant to join the ranks of Mortal Kombat X would make Roland Deschain proud. Say hello to Erron Black, and he's packing iron.

IGN reports that one of the latest issues of the Mortal Kombat X comic reveals a new character, Erron Black. Black is a gunslinger character who is seen captured by Cassie Cage and imprisoned next to D'vorah and Kotal Kahn, who are all confirmed characters for the upcoming fighting game. Other than his appearance in the comic, NetherRealm Studios has been rather quiet about this new fighter. Then again, we have a feeling its creators wouldn't deliberately put such an interesting new character chained up with other interesting new characters unless they were all joining the party.

NetherRealm Studios

We recently caught a rumor that the Predator (yes, the Arnold one), is being added to the roster. Scuttlebutt claims that Carl Weathers himself has offered his likeness to be featured in Mortal Kombat X for the original movie's character, Dillon (which would likely be for a cutscene or prologue video to the Predator character, if it does get added). Legendary comic writer Todd McFarlane has recently been vocal about his hopes in getting Spawn to join the series as well, noting that his company has a special licensing deal with Warner Bros. to use Spawn in a limited capacity for some of its games (and he'd make a perfect fit).

Regardless of who joins the ranks of Mortal Kombat X, things will get bloody on April 14 when it debuts for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Who knows what kind of gnarly Fatalities Erron Black could perform: