Another character reveal trailer for Mortal Kombat X was debuted over the weekend, this time finally giving player a glimpse at the downloadable content character NetherRealm has been teasing for months, Goro.

The four-armed Shokan warrior Goro fights with sheer brute force, as his reveal trailer clearly shows. His moves are focused on doing heavy damage in one or two strikes, and his specials are some of the most damaging in the game. We also get a taste of his X-Ray attack, which is just painful to watch. No human should ever be stretched out like that.

NetherRealm also hosted a livestream event on Twitch that included an expanded look at Goro, including the debut of both of his Fatalities. The first was teased in the trailer above, where Goro pushes his opponent's head into his or her torso, then exposes it by ripping a hole in the midsection with his bare hands. HIs second Fatality is a bit more simple, as he jumps onto his opponent's back and tears all four limbs off with one big pull. They're both gruesome, and they're both awesome.

We've anticipated seeing Goro's reveal for some time now, as we knew NetherRealm wouldn't keep us hanging on the launch day DLC for much longer. Finally seeing this mainstay of MK in action is a bloody and beautiful thing, and we're sure longtime MK fans are itching to jump in and starting fighting.

Mortal Kombat X launches April 14 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, with the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions this summer.

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