With NetherRealm's fighter, Mortal Kombat X coming out super soon, the Kombat Krew gave us a special look at Kenshi and Sonya's techniques as well as some new costumes.

One of the main things brought up in NetherRealm's most recent Kombat Kast video is the tie-in mobile game that will be coming out. Shoryuken reports that, as you progress in the Mortal Kombat X Mobile, you will unlocked features in the console game. Both games will have ways that you can help out your faction and you will be able to link your accounts to make everything easier. There are also perks to playing the mobile game that you can't get otherwise get, such as the Ninja Mime Johnny Cage and Farmer Jax skins. However, the mobile game has a very different pace to the console game. The mobile game is a card-based game, which makes it a slower game that you can pick up wherever and continue.

The next thing that came up in the Kombat Kast was the unveiling of the full cast of combatants that you'll be able to play in the game. Two of the characters that the video focused on are Kenshi and Sonya Blade. Both characters have three variants to choose from. In Kenshi's first variant, Balanced, he can summon spirit warriors; in his second, Possessed, he can he can summon terrifying demons and in his third, Kenjutsu, he gains some telekinetic tosses but leaves behind his blindfold and his spirits. For Sonya Blade, her first variant is Covert Ops, where she gains mobility as well as a variety of follow-ups; her second, Demolition, allows her to use two different kinds of grenades: frags and stuns as well as a wake up attack; her third is Special Forces, where she gains a drone to do her grenade throwing and is great for mix-ups.

Remember, Mortal Kombat X comes out on April 14 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, iOS and Android, so get your fighting skills up to par by checking out the video above. Last-gen console players will have to wait until summer.

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