Moon Hunters, a successfully Kickstarted RPG that calls itself a "myth-weaving" adventure, will be coming to the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita in late 2015, the developer has announced via the PlayStation Blog.

If you don't follow Kickstarter and haven't heard of Moon Hunters, let the developer describe it for you: the game is "a 1-to-4-player, mythology-building action RPG. Set in a fantastical ancient Mesopotamia, you play as one of the heroes trying to figure out what’s happened to the all-powerful Moon, which has gone missing."

"Along the way, you journey through a world that’s different every time, and make decisions that show your personality. Your personality traits determine your reputation, but also how you’re remembered in legend after you’re gone. If you’re truly memorable, you might even become a symbol of heroism as a constellation in the night sky, visible in all future playthroughs."

We can understand why this game was successfully funded, as that premise sounds really interesting. It's essentialy a rogue-like RPG that's more than just procedurally generated worlds; it's a place where we can create our own legendary figures that NPCs will talk about in subsequent playthroughs -- and that's really cool. Hopefully the game lives up to that potential when it launches late next year.