We just spotted Bigfoot. Seriously. The legends are true! No, no ... not the Sasquatch. The monster truck! Remember those things? Well, they are still around to this day, squashing cars and taking names. Bigfoot is one of 30 different monster trucks you can get behind the wheel of and proceed to destroy everything in sight in Monster Truck Destruction -- today's Free App of the Day!

Drive monster trucks through drag races that will test your handling and play in freestyle races where destruction is the name of the game. The game has physics that cause the trucks to bounce and drift realistically. Monster Truck Destruction also has a dynamic damage system that will show you just how much you've been laying waste to all the unfortunate cars nearby.

You can also visit the garage and upgrade your monster trucks, giving them new engines, shocks, and other car parts that will turbo-charge your motorized beast with more car-smashing power.

Download a copy of Monster Truck Destruction today for your iPhone and iPad!