Cue that epic horn theme, because Monster Hunter X is going to drastically change the grand safari on the Nintendo 3DS.

Capcom's overseas YouTube account has posted this new trailer for Monster Hunter X (pronounced "Cross"), which was revealed during the latest Japanese Nintendo Direct presentation. Monster Hunter "Cross" takes the tried-and-true gameplay of the franchise and adds special attacks to it. When I say "special attacks," I certainly mean something special. It's amazing to watch all of these new moves in action. The twin daggers have a new spinning dive attack, gunners can now jump over enemies while shooting beneath them and katanas have a new charge-up sequence. Every weapon type has new, over-the-top attacks added to their repertoire of moves, and hunters are going to need them based on the massive, new enemies they'll be fighting. Just when you start to think that these changes might be altering the gameplay a bit too much, that unforgettable theme song of the franchise hits, and you get a look at all the kinds of gargantuan monsters you'll be able to hunt.

Monster Hunter X is expected to launch in Japan sometime by the end of the year for the Nintendo 3DS. Unfortunately, Nintendo and Capcom have yet to announce whether or not we'll be getting a Western release of this game, but I have a feeling we eventually will, given the tremendous success of the franchise. I should note that Monster Hunter 4 first launched in Japan back in Sept. 2013 before it debuted in the West as Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate in Feb. 2015. Based on this info, Monster Hunter X might not be getting a Western release until early 2017.