The Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour website has been updated with new, tantalizing details about the upcoming shooter. What kind of action awaits mobile shooter aficionados?

Gameloft's official website for the game was updated with brand new info, which includes a character bio for main character Joel Blake and an interview with the narrative designer, and some new videos showcasing the Battle and Team Battle modes. Fans of Gameloft's shooter should be drooling already, but there's plenty for noobies to soak in and brush up on the series' pedigree.

A character bio for Joel Blake gives us a brief look at the man whose shoes we'll be runnin' and gunnin' in. There's not really much said about the character other than that he's seen action in Morocco, Burma, and Iran, but the psych profile does mention a new feature in Modern Combat 4 called the "Adrenaline Mechanic", which will aid players in shooting and navigating.

The interview with the narrative designer shows us the nitty-gritty of the production process and how she tried to lay down a compelling story that frames the action. One of the more interesting details is that players will be able to play from the villain's perspective, rounding him out as a character while cementing the fact that he needs to be eliminated.

There are also two new videos showcasing some of the multiplayer modes, Battle and Team Battle. The gameplay is impressive to watch, but they're still the same basic Free For All and Team Death Match modes we've seen in just about every shooting game ever made. Check out some of the screens below and a brief developer diary that gives you more glimpses at the anticipated game.