EA's E3 2015 trailer for Mirror's Edge Catalyst retells Faith's origins and features its own Morgan Freeman-like father figure.

DICE's new gameplay footage from Mirror's Edge Catalyst looks awfully impressive. The acrobatic Faith is back once again, but this time in a slightly younger form. While this is the second game of the franchise, it acts a prequel to the original game. Catalyst depicts Faith's first-person and parkour-based crusade against Gabriel Kruger, the evil corporate bad guy who rules the City of Glass, which features a plethora of things you can climb over and swing from. As usual, the corporation Faith opposes is run by a younger, decent looking guy in a suit who is all about eliminating freedom, privacy and individualism for the sake of control and money. Kratos forbids we ever encounter a conglomerate corporation that actually helps people in video games or one that's run by an old person or <gasp> a woman. We should note that Catalyst sort of rewrites the original backstory for Faith and gives us something new. We always figured that most parkour origin stories involve broken bones from falling over things you tried to jump over.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst will launch on Feb. 23 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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