Mojang, developers of Minecraft, have earned $240 million in 2012. Markus "Notch" Persson, the owner of the company and Minecraft's former lead designer, made $101.4 million. And now he wants to buy a car.

VG247 reports on Mojang's earnings and a few of Notch's comments on a Reddit thread discussing the company's report. In the thread, Notch speaks about his experience being nouveau riche, saying that he grew up in a relatively poor family, but didn't want for much when he started working since his hobbies were playing games and programming.

"I still like playing games and programming, and once I had the latest computer and consoles, there really isn't much more to spend the money on than traveling. I might eventually get a driver's license so I can buy a car."

It's refreshing to see how someone like Notch, now a prolific figure in the video game industry, can still have down-to-earth views and goals, despite the fact that he now has the money to build a miniature moon base or something (we're hoping they're relatively cheap).

Click here to read more about the financial report and for comments from some other members of Mojang.

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