The block-busting and building world of Minecraft is all set to expand on the PlayStation 4 and Mojang wants to show you how!

Mojang's own Owen Hill posted to the PlayStation Blog with some more information about Minecraft on the PlayStation 4. According to Hill, the worlds on the PlayStation 4 version will be 36 times bigger than anything you've seen on the PlayStation 3 Edition. In fact, PlayStation 3 players will be able to import their saves to the PlayStation 4 version so that they continue building bigger and better structures.

Hill said, "Making old saves compatible with the newer versions of the game was priority for Mojang and our trusted developer chums at 4J. We value the loyalty of PlayStation fans who bought Minecraft: Playstation 3 Edition last year, and want to make things as simple as possible for any early adopters. I’ve experienced the pain of lost progress many times; it’s not cool."

Those who have the PlayStation 3 Edition can upgrade to the PlayStation 4 version for a small, unannounced fee. The move to the PlayStation 4 will offer DualShock 4 features like touchpad navigation and the ability to share and stream your Minecraft adventures with the Share button and all of the social media integration included with the PlayStation 4. There will also be more Trophies for those who fancy themselves completionists and some Sony-specific downloadable content coming down the chute.

Hill also touched on the multiplayer aspects of the PlayStation 4 version, saying that the game "will support up to eight players online, and up to four of those will be able to log in via one PS4 thanks to the compact convenience of split-screen."

The PlayStation 4 Edition of Minecraft will launch in Aug. Until then, check out the trailer above with those sweet Ratchet & Clank, Uncharted, God of War and Journey skins above.