It's probably not surprising that Minecraft has a lot of people playing it at any given time. However, it is surprising that the number of people fighting off Endermen surpasses those jungling in Dota 2.

Nathan Adams, a game developer working on the ever popular Minecraft, took to Twitter to exclaim his astonishment at the game's numbers. VG247 reports that Adams had quite a few things to say about Minecraft and its successes after finding a way to look at the numbers it was producing.

It seems that, given what Adams said, that you can expect at least one million people to be on at a time during peak hours for Minecraft. This surpasses Steam's most popular game, Dota 2 by just about 36,420 people. While this may have something to do with Minecraft's versatility -- I mean, I dare you to think of a platform the game currently isn't out for -- it's still an impressive display of loyalty by its fans.

We may never know the secret to Minecraft's success, and the game shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. With constant updates and a rabid fanbase, Minecraft might continue to be the juggernaut it's been for quite some time.

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