The sandbox stages of Minecraft has been out for three years now and Mojang is finally recognizing that some of its players have commitment issues.

IGN reports Kristoffer Jelbring, a developer for Mojang, teased on his Twitter that Minecraft will offering username changes for its players in the near future.

He later explained that all of our questions would be answered "soon."

There's still no release date for the name change feature, which is a little disappointing. However, Mojang's website suggests that we won't be seeing name changes until after Update 1.8 is implemented in Minecraft.

Here are a few more facts about Minecraft's username changes from Mojang's website:

  • Changing your username will be free, and limited to a certain number of changes in a given time period.
  • Username changes will only be available to Minecraft profiles that are on a Mojang account (those that log in with their email address).
  • Minecraft servers now use a player's unique identifying number (UUIDs) to deal with player data.
  • You cannot change your name to an existing username. That would be crazy.
  • Unmodified servers and Minecraft itself will handle most of the transitions to using UUIDs. Custom mods or plugins will need to update to accommodate for these changes.

For all you Minecraft junkies out there: