Markus Persson, the man known as Notch and the creator of Minecraft, has announced that he has cancelled his sci-fi sandbox game, 0x10c.

According to CVG, Notch spoke during a Twitch livestream on Aug. 10 and answered questions about 0x10c. When asked if he was going to resume work on it after a year of development, he said, "Nope, there are no future aspirations for 0x10c. If somebody at the office wants to do it, then yeah - but I'm just going to be working on small games for the rest of my life."

0x10c would have featured a sandbox-styled game in the future complete with engineering, mining, trading, looting, an economy and a 16-bit computer system. It looked pretty impressive as a bigger follow-up to Minecraft.

Though Notch has no intention of working on the game, a few Redditors have expressed their interest in continuing his work if he were to release the source code. Now only time will tell if any versions of 0x10c will ever see the light of day.

Let us know what you think of this cancelled project and whether or not you were looking forward to playing it.