Puzzle apps, at their finest moments, can be absolute brain twisters, and when coupled with a physics based structure the entire experience can be thoroughly addicting. The new iOS adventure Mimpi confidently swims in both waters, but adds an unexpected dreamlike element to the mix. Bringing a sense of wonderland is an ambitious endeavor, and one wonders if our curious dog Mimi is up to the task.

Mimpi travels eight different worlds in the determined search of his master. Instead of breaking the dog's travels by stages, there are different save points along the way. This creative choice gives our hero's quest a more seamless experience, turning this into more than a disjointed puzzle app.

The game's learning curve is extremely easy, as the slide and touch of a finger will create the environment to bend and move to Mimpi's will. When he is unable to jump from one grassy surface to the next, a cloud is employed to help his progress. The directional arrow on the right side of your device is used for jumping, and you can move the cloud simply by touching that white puff of goodness and moving it.

Light bulbs collected along the way will give you hints on the slim chance you're stuck on a certain area. My personal waterloo was trying to figure out how to interact with the fish, and I used one of my hints to solve what ended up as a very simple answer. I hate spoilers, so all I'll say is that Mimpi is not the only animal you can interact with. Analyze the terrain and all those living beings that populate the world, and everything should fall into place.

Another important object to grab are bones, as they are used to unlock various illustrations that capture our canine's universe. If this app simply existed as a series of beautifully rendered images, Mimpi would still be a more than worthy game to download. Even though the goal is to keep the dog moving towards his goal, one can sit back and luxuriate in the game's surreal and painterly images. It's refreshing to know that a $1.99 puzzler can actually have its share of awe inspiring moments. Heck, even if man's best friend is taking a snooze, we're probably dreaming along right with him.

Gamers who put a premium on the actual puzzles over the graphics shouldn't be disheartened, as Mimpi offers up a variety of action. Want to move two chunks of Earth together? A wheel like contraption will do the trick, but first a rope must be perfectly positioned for everything to work. If a rain cloud is putting a damper on the dog's spirits, you can cut the cloud in half and use them as jumping platforms.

This first rate app is an absolutely gorgeous title, and it's one of the few physics based puzzlers that moves the heart and the mind. I don't want a dog's life, but wherever Mimpi goes, I won't be far behind.

App Store Link: Mimpi for iPhone & iPad | By Crescent Moon Games LLC | Price: $1.99 | Version: 1.0 | 151 MB | Rating 4+

9.0 out of 10 arcade sushi rating