Behold the newest footage of Mighty No. 9, now powered by the Unreal Engine.

An update post on the soon-to-be-completed Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter campaign reveals that the team at Comcept USA has decided on the Unreal Engine to build the game. While they've chosen the engine for Mighty No. 9, they assured fans that they'll still have their own unique graphical style for the game.

Choosing an engine also means that the team can stop worrying about the technical aspects of the game and can focus on things like the controls, animation, a level's atmosphere, Beck's transformations and other details to make the game look and feel more awesome.

A test video, which is posted above, was made of the game running on the Unreal Engine. They stress that this is just a rough engine test that was slapped together in a week, so rest assured that the actual game won't look anything like this.

Check out the video and head to the Kickstarter page to see if you'd like to offer up your cash during the Mighty No. 9's last campaign hours.