A beautiful, white Xbox One console has found itself onto eBay and is set at an immensely high price.

VG247 reported that a white, staff-only Xbox One console is currently on eBay for a "Buy it Now" price set at $2,699.95. Those wishing to see the bid history for the console can check its official eBay listing. As these specific consoles were only offered to a limited number of people, the pool from which this rare Xbox One came from is rather small. One can only guess Microsoft is none to pleased to see such a gift being offered for this magnificent sum.

When the Xbox One launched this past November, Microsoft staff members were each given one of these exclusive consoles. On the system itself is a special engraving which states "I Made This, Launch Team 2013." If these exclusive consoles could play Crunchyroll and the WWE Network, we'd actually think about it.