The Halo series' leading lady is expanding her digital assistant skills from Windows Phones over to PCs.

At a recent Windows 10 press conference, Microsoft's Corporate Vice President, Joe Belfiore, announced that Cortana will be coming out for PC users on Windows 10, The Verge reports. That's right, the Windows Phone's digital assistant based on Master Chief's main squeeze is heading to PC and Windows 10. Cortana will have a search box right next to the Windows 10 Start button, to help you search the Internet and your PC at the same time. You'll be able to launch apps, get notifications, receive live flight updates, dictate emails and control music -- all with Jen Taylor's "peachy" voice to help guide you (she's also the voice of Princess Peach for those oblivious to the reference).

Xbox Head Phil Spencer was also present at the event to announce that Windows 10 PCs and devices would be able to stream game content directly from the Xbox One. He was also wearing a Battletoads t-shirt. No reference was made to the possibility of a revival, but we do know Rare is working on some classic IPs for Microsoft.