Nintendo unveiled a new Metroid Prime game during its E3 2015 Nintendo Direct presentation, but it's not what you think.

The House of Mario announced a new Metroid Prime game, but it is unlike anything you were hoping for or expecting. Metroid Prime: Federation Force offers an all-ages multiplayer experience where up to four players can connect (online or locally) to partake in co-op, first-person missions set in the Metroid Prime universe. You can participate in competitive multiplaye, team up to take on enemy bases or work objective-oriented quests. A special gameplay mode, called Blast Ball, features 3v3 matches where the objective of the game is to force a giant ball into the opponent's goal via plasma shots.

We have to admit, we never rolled our eyes at a Metroid game before. This has the Metroid moniker but it surely isn't a Metroid game to us. This is some random children's game that Nintendo decided to give a quick Metroid model change to in order to inspire the sales it obviously wouldn't get on its own. This looks like a huge step down from the multiplayer DS game, Metroid Prime: Hunters, which launched almost 9 years ago. You could've given us Hunters 2, a 3DS spin-off of the Prime series or another HD remake of the trilogy. This just sounds like a cash grab based on the franchise's name. The people old enough to have enjoyed Metroid Prime or even Other M are certainly not children anymore.

Metroid Prime: Federation Force comes out for the 3DS in 2016.

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