Creative director Andrew Prokhorov recently went on record with new details about Metro: Last Light, including a planned PlayStation 4 version, the direction of the sequel's multiplayer, and the downloadable content in the works.

Deep Silver rescued Metro: Last Light from the fledgling THQ earlier this year, and everyone assumed things were back on track as usual. However, in a recent interview with Ukranian tech site ITCChannel (spotted by AllGamesBeta), 4A Games' Andrew Prokhorov discussed a variety of tasty tidbits about the developers intentions with Metro: Last Light.

Don't worry; Metro is still on track for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC later this year. However 4A Games is also considering doing a PlayStation 4 version, as well as releasing an SDK down the line. Additionally, Metro's multiplayer will be released as a separate entity from the core game. Prokhorov added it would be about a half-year after Last Light's release until the multiplayer was released through digital channels like Xbox Live Arcade.

In the interview, Prokhorov also confirmed plans for five DLC packs. These will show the events of the game from the perspectives of different characters. There is no season pass in place now, but there could be one by the time Metro: Last Light arrives.

What do you think of the news? Is a separate multiplayer smart, or do you wish it was part of the package?