When you've run out of E Tanks and your energy's running low, that's when you know that it's nap time. And what better way to head into Morpheus' sweet embrace than armed with a Mega Buster and Mega Man's helmet?

It's a product that only could have come from Japan and we're hoping it comes here! The Mega Man pillow set was spotted by JoyStiq on Capcom's Japanese site and is looking to be the coolest way for gamers and fans of the Blue Bomber to get some sleep after a hard day of bustin' robots.

The set is a part of the 25th Anniversary celebration of the Mega Man franchise and is now available for pre-order in Japan, with shipments going out in July 2013. It'll cost fans ¥6,090, which is about $60, and will be a limited edition item. No word on whether or not this will head to North American shores, but we can always dream that it will become a reality

What do you think of this totally awesome pillow set? Would you rock it for your bedtime needs? Let us know!