The Mega Man original soundtrack is now available through the Capcom Store. Now, who's up for driving around, with the windows down, and blasting the Elecman Stage theme?

The soundtrack will cost you $8.95 in US dollars, because the Zenny is sadly not a real form of currency.

But, for less than $10, you'll get your buster-less hands on 28 tracks from the original Mega Man game, listed here:

  1. Stage Select
  2. Game Start
  3. Cutman Stage
  4. Gutsman Stage
  5. Iceman Stage
  6. Bombman Stage
  7. Fireman Stage
  8. Elecman Stage
  9. Boss
  10. Stage Clear
  11. Dr. Wily UFO SE
  12. Dr. Wily Stage 1
  13. Dr. Wily Stage 2
  14. Dr. Wily Stage Boss
  15. All Stage Clear
  16. Ending
  17. Game Over
  18. Capcom Logo
  19. Game Start
  20. Cutman Stage
  21. Gutsman Stage
  22. Elecman Stage
  23. Dr. Wily Stage 1
  24. Staff Roll (PS)
  25. Mode Select
  26. Data Base
  27. Boss Attack Result

That's a whole lot of classic goodness to pump through your ears, so grab the OST now from the Capcom Store and relive the audible magic! Because with all of this awesome music, it's no wonder they call him "Rockman" in Japan!

What are some of your favorite game soundtracks? Let us know in the comments section!