Sure, Mega Man has seen some dire times lately. But thank goodness for the Blue Bomber's devoted fans. With IDW's monthly Mega Man comic book line and Eddie LeBron's Mega Man fan film, Rock, Roll, Rush and Dr. Wily's forces are being kept alive by having such a admirable followers. Enter Jasco Games with one of the only new Mega Man games to come out in a long while, Mega Man: The Board Game.

According to Polygon, Jasco's original Kickstarter goal was set at $70,000, which was met long ago during the Kickstarter page's duration. Now officially licensed and able to include all your favorite maniacal mavericks, Mega Man: The Board Game has ended its Kickstarter program with a whopping total of $415,041 from 2,639 generous pledges. As you can see in the video below, Jasco Games went all out in trying to develop the best Mega Man game you could ever experience without playing from an actual cartridge. The success of this Kickstarter also shows that there is still a viable fan base for Mega Man out there in the modern world. And while Mega Man Legends 3 and various other Mega Man lines might have been cancelled, we can still Rock. Plus, there's the upcoming, fan-funded Mighty No. 9 from the original artist and co-creator of Mega Man, Keiji Inafune.

Dr. Light might have helped upgrade Rock to the year 20XX, but Jasco Games are retrofitting Mega Man, Dr. Wily, and all your favorite Robot Masters to your table top once Mega Man: The Board Game gets released in Oct. 2014.