Capcom announced that they'd be celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Mega Man with a limited edition collectible statue. It's a shame we aren't getting a game, but we'll settle for a replica buster.

The limited edition numbered Mega Man statue was supposed to be exclusively available at San Diego Comic Con this July, but they decided to let the world have a crack at getting one instead. You'll now be able to pre-order the figurine from the Capcom Store through April 25th.

Standing an imposing 10-inches tall, this Mega Man Statue even features a USB connection to power the assortment of lights on his helmet and super buster. We must say, it looks simply brilliant. For all the Mega Man starved masses out there, this might not be a new game, but it is certainly very appealing for the collector in all of us.

The figurine will set you back a cool $99.95. But a hundred bucks is worth it for the Mega Man mega fan in all of us isn't it?