The Joker had Harley Quinn, so its only right that the despotic king of Far Cry 4, Pagan Min, has a colorful second-in-command who is just as unique and sinister as he is.

The official Far Cry Twitter just posted the following picture of Pagan Min's main squeeze/right-hand gal, Yuma. If we learned anything based on Far Cry 4's previous trailers, we should know that Pagan Min's other hand is likely to hold a gun, knife or bloodied pen. Yuma leads Pagan Min's Royal Army throughout the war-ravaged areas of Kyrat. The protagonist of Far Cry 4, Ajay Ghale, is the son of two leaders of the Kyratese rebellions, which unintentionally helped Min become the tyrannical leader of the country. We have a feeling Ajay will have some interesting interactions with Yuma once she learns about his ancestry.

On Nov. 18, Far Cry 4 brings us to Kyrat for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.