Media Molecule, the developer behind games such as LittleBigPlanet and Tearaway, is working on a new secret project and looking for a new secret employee.

Okay so, maybe the new employee isn't a secret, but the game sure is. DualShockers reports that the developer recently posted a job application on its website and are now supplementing it with a video in which Kenny Young (Head of Audio) and Alex Evans (Director) talk about what they're seeking from potential candidates. The person who they're seeking basically sounds like they need to have all the qualifications in the world.

"The ideal candidate is an amazing musician and programmer and user interface designer and genius," Evans explains in the video. If that didn't sound daunting enough, Evans goes on to state, "One of the things about Media Molecule, working here, is that we don't know the exact feature set of our games until we know who works here, because the shape of our next project depends on who applies for the job and, you know, the balance of the features will depend on who you are, who comes and joins us."

It seems what Evans and Young are really looking for is someone who is creative with music and knows how to design instruments while still having the capability of being able to understand what does and doesn't work in a video game. You can check out the full listing on its website while we wait patiently for more details about the game.

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