Media Molecule is working on a new project for the PlayStation 4. The makers of the first two LittleBigPlanet titles for the PS3 have passed off development duties for LBP 3 to Sumo Digital, but the company has confirmed that something is in the works for Sony’s new-gen system. Today, they released a video that shows… something. Seriously, I don’t have a clue what I’m looking at.

Entitled “Making Games: Embrace Your Mistakes,” the trailer(?) shows a series of seizure-inducing hyper-colored flashing images spliced with a creepy, purple mustachioed face, shedding no light on their next project and robbing us all of a good night’s sleep.

Media Molecule explained what the video is; a sequence caused by a rendering error on their PS4, but failed to explain why they would release such an upsetting and cryptic video, or what it has to do with anything. The YouTube blurb explains that the purple face can be found in their PS4 tech demo video. Viewing the tech demo, it appears that the unsettling face belongs to a garden gnome, which appears briefly among dozens of other digitally sculpted images. Well, that explains everything.

Media Molecule’s last release was Tearaway, a quirky and engaging platformer for the Vita that garnered universal critical acclaim. The developer has an impressive track record with Sony, and gamers are eagerly awaiting any information about their next game. While this weird video doesn’t give us any, it does keep the project fresh in gamers’ minds, making sure we’ll tune in when they actually do announce something.

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