When you're playing a game, you'll figure out pretty quickly if it will end up being an app that you'll keep on your phone. But Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign has potential, even though there is a little too much going on in it. There's room for improvement, but right now it appears to be a little clunky in design.

Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign is a combination of Bejeweled and a normal action-centered online game. You're set up with a couple of heroes as you go through each mission, tied together with S.H.I.E.L.D., to save the world, from sinister Earth villains to crazy alien creatures. Just like Bejeweled or Candy Crush, you have to line up three like symbols together in order to have your character attack one of the bad guys. There's added bonuses that pop up where you're able to use their special powers, which you can upgrade as the levels continue on. It's pretty easy to get the hang of once you go through the first mission, and after that point you're able to shoot through the rest of the levels rather easily. Then again, the first level is the only one that's open at the moment so of course it isn't difficult to beat.

After you're done with a mission, there's the option of healing up your character and helping him/her learn new powers in order to really kick butt next time. Along with that, you're given the option to connect with your friends and fight them, giving your characters a chance to level up. Then there are tournaments that pop up during different points. It's just a shame that you can't really use them just yet because this Marvel Puzzle Quest is lacking in stages. Still, this is a very interactive game that will connect you to others and get you plenty addicted to it in a short amount of time.

The overall mechanics of Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign is very similar to Marvel: Avengers Alliance with the additional feats that you can get, and the graphics are just as good. Whenever you see one of the characters use their special powers in order to beat up the villain, a cool little flash pops up in the middle of the screen with them hitting a pose, then blasting away. At the very least it looks really sleek and cool.

Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign isn't completed at the moment but is still fun to try out for the time being. There will be a lot more levels and things to do as the game is continually updated in the coming weeks, but for now the it's good enough to give a try.


App Store Link: Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign for iPhone & iPad | By D3 Publisher of America, Inc. | Price: Free | Version: R38.0.142872 | 35.2 MB | Rating: 12+

7.0 out of 10 arcade sushi rating