Nintendo is gearing up for Mario Party 10's launch, and it wants you to bring your amiibo figures to the big shindig.

With amiibo figures being Nintendo's newest trend, it's no surprise that Mario Party 10 uses them. We're glad to see that there is a completely different game mode in this new Mario Party that people are saying is much more like the series' original games and is specifically for people who own amiibo figurines. To access the amiibo Party Mode you have to own at least one amiibo figure (obviously). In this mode there are not only new game boards, but also new power-ups and new items for you and your friends to enjoy. The game will feature over 70 mini-games where Bowser and his minions will try to ruin your celebration. Just like the series' previous entries, Mario Party 10 will show you where your true friendships lie.

Get ready to try your hardest to push your friends into huge spiked walls of pain on Mar. 30 when Mario Party 10 launches for Wii U.

These guys know how to party: