A new Mario Kart title is going to be racing its way into Japanese arcades soon. The cool part? Namco-Bandai will be Nintendo's co-pilot!

A Japanese press release has unveiled Mario Kart: Arcade GP DX, a joint venture from Namco Bandai and Nintendo. It's set to get arcade patrons grabbing the wheel and launching shells at each other very soon.

This isn't the first Mario Kart game the pair have worked on together, but it will be released in Japan before the Wii U Mario Kart is unveiled. The users in this NeoGAF thread believe the features will likely be similar in both games, such as the the return of the gliders and the inclusion of user photos.

We might not ever see this cabinet in North American arcades, but we will be seeing the new Mario Kart in its playable form at this year's E3. Now all we have to do is sit patiently and await more details.

What would you like to see in the new Mario Kart? Would you like to see your face in the game? Let us know in the comments!