No wonder Nintendo is adding a Mercedes-Benz into the game, Mario Kart 8 has sold over two million copies in less than its first month of release.

According to Gematsu, Nintendo has announced at its 74th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders that Mario Kart 8 has sold over two million units worldwide since its May 30 debut in the west and its May 29 launch in Japan.

Nintendo also reports that hardware sales are on the rise (mainly Wii U consoles and Wiimotes), which ties in to Mario Kart 8's launch as well. Factoring in the excellent Mario Kart 8 system bundle along with the free digital game download for owners of the racing title at Club Nintendo, these rising numbers should be no surprise.

Over 450,000 of these Mario Kart 8 sales are from its Japanese release, which suggests that the other 1.5 million copies sold stem from its North American and European sales. This recent success for Nintendo almost guarantees that we will see Mario Kart 9 sometime in the future.