It looks as if the Nintendo controversy surrounding same-sex characters in their games has prompted Ellen DeGeneres to ask Nintendo mascots Mario and Luigi about the situation.

In a very revealing interview on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show,' Mario and Luigi have stated the true nature of their relationship. It turns out that the overall-wearing, mustachioed plumbers aren't actually brothers, but are lovers. Yep, Mario and Luigi are a couple. It turns out that because of their heavy, Italian accents, people always misheard "lovers" as "brothers."

The Super Mario Lovers celebrated their love in front of a live studio audience on national television. Of course, none of this is real and should be considered an official move by Nintendo, but it's interesting to see how the media and TV personalities are reacting to the controversy. Nintendo has apologized for the lack of same-sex relationships in their upcoming game life simulator, Tomodachi Life, but has promised future games will be more inclusive.